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Custom Transformers for Industrial Applications

Water Cooled Electric Transformers

Water Cooled Auto Transformers

  • Single phase/three phase
  • 50/ 60/400 Hz standard, high frequency as requested
  • 1 KVA to 5000 KVA, higher depending on voltage range, 1 Volt to15KV
  • K factor, high current, high voltage, multiple load winding, multiple tapped, epoxy encapsulated
  • Broad ranges of tubing available, epoxy encapsulated coils
  • Standard core material M6/29 ga. grain oriented electrical steels
  • Standard Nema or special enclosures available
  • Custom engineered products

Water Cooled Isolation Transformers

  • Single phase/ Three phase/ Scott connected
  • 50/ 60/ 400 Hz standard High frequency as requested
  • 1 KVA to 5000 KVA/ 1 Volt to15KV
  • K factor/ High current/ High voltage/ High reactance/ Special Impedance/ Harmonic/ Shielded/ Multiple load winding/ Multiple tapped/ Rectifier/ Epoxy encapsulated
  • 6 pulse/ 12 pulse/ 18 pulse/ 24 pulse/ PWM/ High efficiency/ Low Loss
  • Broad ranges of tubing available/ Epoxy encapsulated coils
  • Standard core material M6/ 29 ga. Grain oriented electrical steels/ additional higher efficiency materials available
  • Standard Nema or special Enclosures available
  • Custom engineered products


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