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Custom Engineered Water Cooled Inductors

Water Cooled Inductors

  • Single Phase/ Three phase
  • AC - 50/ 60/400 Hz standard, DC to 20 Khz
  • High frequency as requested
  • Broad induction ranges, variable inductance, high current to 10 KA, high voltage to 15KV
  • Load reactors, current limiting, air core/iron core, epoxy encapsulated, Toroidal
  • 6 pulse/12 pulse/18 pulse/24 pulse, PWM, high efficiency, low loss, harmonic
  • Broad ranges of tubing available, epoxy encapsulated coils
  • Standard core material M6/29 ga. grain oriented electrical steels, additional higher efficiency materials available
  • Standard Nema or special enclosures available
  • Custom engineered products upon request