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Custom Transformers for Industrial Applications

Custom Engineered Transformers

Control Transformer will transform your world with a transformer designed to your specific requirements. Control Transformer custom engineers your transformer in power ranges from 0.5-5000 KVA, voltages to 15 KV, frequency from 25 to 10 KHZ systems. All transformers are built to the highest standards including UL, CSA, and ISO 9001.

Dry type transformers

Water cooled transformers

Control Transfomer, Inc. offers custom engineered products including:

  • Power transformers
  • Isolation and auto transformers
  • Dry Type transformers
  • Water cooled transformers
  • K factor (Custom Harmonic Environment)
  • High current or high voltage transformers
  • High reactance and high impedence transformers
  • SCR Drive and motor control transformers
  • Electrostatic shielded transformers
  • Explosion proof and Hazardous duty transformers
  • Multiple load winding transformers
  • Ozone resitant transformers
  • Zip zag grounding transformers
  • Rectifier transformers
  • Marine transformers
  • Epozy encapsultated transformers
  • Motor generator transformers
  • Buck boost transformers
  • Military transformers


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