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Location of Dry Type Transformers

Factors which should be kept clearly in mind in locating dry-type transformers are accessibility, ventilation, and atmospheric conditions.
Dry-type transformers normally are designed for installation in dry locations.  Transformers  will operate successfully, while energized, in locations with a high relative humidity. Under such conditions it may be necessary to take precautions that will keep them dry if  shut down for appreciable periods of time. Locations with dripping water should be avoided.  If this is not possible, suitable protection should be provided to prevent water from entering the transformer case.  Precautions should be taken to guard against the any accidental entrance of water. 
Outdoor installations should be discussed with the manufacturer. Transformers must be protected and placed in an atmosphere appropriate to the design criteria.

Accessibility for maintenance should be taken into account in locating a transformer. Normally this requirement in itself will be sufficient to provide the necessary space for ventilation.  Dry-type transformers should be installed in dust and chemical free locations. Locations and atmospheric conditions should be discussed with the manufacturer.

If there is any likelihood that these transformers will be exposed to lightning or severe switching surges, adequate protective measures should be provided.

For installations at high altitudes, reference should be made to the A.S.A. Standards for derating factors, which apply.




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