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Periodic Inspection & Maintenance of Dry Type Transformers

Like other electrical equipment, transformers require maintenance from time to time to assure successful operation.  Inspection should be made at defined intervals to assure the most satisfactory service from this equipment. Frequency of inspections should be determined by environmental conditions.

Inspections should be made for dirt accumulating on insulating surfaces or for those areas which tend to restrict airflow. Also inspect for loose connections, the condition of tap-changers and the general overall condition of the transformer.  Inspections should be made for signs of overheating and voltage creepage over insulating surfaces as evidenced by tracking or carbonization. Evidence of rusting, corrosion and deterioration of the paint should be checked. Corrective measures should be taken where necessary.

Fans, motors, and other auxiliary devices should be inspected and serviced during these inspection periods.  The settings of thermal relays should be checked.




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