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Question: What Are Chokes?

Answer: A choke or inductor is a magnetic device which acts as a buffer or "pool" into which a power surge can be introduced and from which a predetermined flow will be produced. A choke is basically a single winding transformer. The choke is measured principally by its current handling capability (like 40 amps), its inductance (such as 2 Mhy) and its linearity (expressed as linear up to "x" times rated capacity). Chokes permit reducing line voltage to a given load without substantial power loss. They are typically used in SCR drives to modulate the current fed by the drive control system to the motor. Many manufacturers make chokes for use as filters to eliminate stray harmonics. In such cases, current inrush and linearity are not important. But do not simply pick a filter inductor from a catalog and expect it to perform well in a drive system because it has the right amperage and impedance. It may not have the linearity required for smooth performance at high load. Ct Chokes are specifically designed and tested for linearity and charts thereof can be produced for your engineering files if you need them.

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